How Many Kombucha Drinks Can You Drink Per Day?


Drinking Kombucha is good for the digestive system, but too much of it may bring some side effects. There are always limits in everything we ingest in a day, including on beverages as such.Some say 12-ounces of Kombucha per day are advisable, well, let’s see down below.

Kombucha Nutritional Content

The amount of Kombucha drink you must consume varies on the level of nutrition it contains. That differs whether the fermented tea is homemade or store-bought. Either way contain simple ingredients such as tea, sugar, and other flavors. The ingredients may vary, as well as the nutrition facts per serving.

So, how many Kombucha drinks can you drink per day?

Per serving contains a low calorie, carbohydrates, and sugar. Its amount depends on the number of an ounce per serving. For example, a 12-ounce serving of Kombucha per daycontains 21.2 calories, 5 grams of carbohydrates, and 6 grams of sugar. Consume 4-ounces per drink at least three times a day.

The Health Benefits of Kombucha Drink

Many experts have conducted studies on Kombucha health benefits involving rats rather than humans. The world demands more research to confirm the said benefits, which is now on-going.

Kombucha drink has always been beneficial to gut health due to its probiotic content.It also contains polyphenols, which is commonly present on teas,that detoxify the body. With those antioxidant ingredients, it does not promote inflammation.

Here is the list of other benefits of drinking Kombucha:

  • Boosts immune system
  • Heals digestive disorders
  • Slows down the appetite
  • Promotes weight loss
  • Kills bacteria from within
  • And many more

The Risks of Too Much Kombucha

Consuming any kind of beverage takes time to know the benefits as well as the risk before ingesting some amount.While Kombucha has to offer impressive health benefits, it is terrible to drink too much of it. Instead of making the drinker well, he/she might get worse without drinking the proper amount of Kombucha per day.

Let’s take a glance on the possible risks any excessive Kombucha drinkers should know, which includes the following:

Digestive Distress

Kombucha is good for digestive health, but consuming too much may give rise toside effects.It is a bit carbonated thus may lead to bloating or an excess gas on the digestive system.A specific type of carbohydrate called FODMAPs also exists which can cause digestive distress particularly on people with IBS. It may also cause diarrhea due to excessive sugar intake.

Excess Calorie Consumption

This depends on the kind of Kombucha drink you consume. Some store-bought Kombuchas contains low calories, while others can have more than what is needed. Drinking Kombucha occasionally won’t hurt your weight but doing it daily may cause weight gain. It is easier to consume calories from drinks than solid foods. The solution is to drink responsibly with a needed ounce per day.

Severe Allergic Reactions

This one applies to certain people. It is a rare case to experience an allergic reaction in drinking Kombucha, but therehave been reported cases. People suffering from a weakened immune system are better off not to drink Kombucha because of the danger it may cause. It is unpasteurized and contains bacteria and yeast, that is why.

Excess Caffeine Consumption

Coffee is life, but too much will cause palpitation. Though Kombucha only contains less caffeine than brewed teas, overdrinking may reach the caffeine level of a brewed tea. Anyone sensitive to the effects of caffeine may feel uneasyafter drinking too much Kombucha. It also causes sleep disorderswhen you drink the said tea before bedtime.

Excess Sugar Consumption

One of the main ingredients of Kombucha is sugar, this makes it tastes better. Excessive drinking of Kombucha may increase the risk of diabetes and other diseases. Most brands sell high in sugar Kombucha about 28-grams per serving. Look for a better choice that contains lesser sugar per serving. The minimum sugar intake must be 4-grams per serving.


We cannot deny the goodness of Kombucha drink to anyone’s health, with its many proofs. However, we can just reap its benefits without consuming too much of it.

One to two servings per day is enough to provide your daily Kombucha needs. Consume aminimum of 12-ounces per day and a maximum of 16-ounces. Drink the half in the morning and the other half at anytime of the day. Look for low-calorie, low-sugar, and quality Kombucha drinks in the market, or make one at home.

Enjoy your first sip of Kombucha on your cup!

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