Gut Health Tips for Kids


Our gut (gastrointestinal tract) is among the important organs in our body which need much attention. Primarily, gut has something to do with our overall health and well-being. It helps with our digestion, nutrient-absorption and secretion of waste from our bodies. It also has an impact on the function and development of our immune system.

Based on studies, the gut undergoes significant changes in its structure during the early years of our lives. This growth is considered complex as it includes the development of the digestive system together with its functions, as well as the essential neurological and biochemical processes.

With this being said, it is crucial to build a strong foundation of the gut among kids as early as possible.To help you with it, we are going to share useful gut heath tips for kids.

Why is kids’ gut health important?

As parents, it is important that we look after our children’s health especially their gut health. This means developing the microbiome, the microbial community in our body.

Other than an improved digestive and immune system, having a healthy gut can also help reduce the chance of acquiring chronic illnesses later in their lives. Studies also show that kid’s gut health may affect their energy, sleep, focus and overall behavior.

7 Gut Health Tips for Kids

A healthy kid is a happy one. Here are some useful tips on how you can bolster your kids’ gut health.

1. Feed them with Good Bacteria

One way to develop their microbiome is by feeding them food that contain probiotics. This may be found in yogurt, dairy products, fermented dairy beverages, and fermented foods.

Eating any of these will help lessen the occurrence of infections and diseases. Moreover, they improve the gut health. But make sure to avoid those that contain sugar or artificial flavoring because they eliminate the benefits of good bacteria.

2. Increase their Fiber intake

Eating fiber-rich foods is equally important as consuming good bacteria. Good bacteria grow and develop with the help of dietary fiber. And so, to keep the good bacteria in your kid’s body, feed them foods that are rich in fiber like fruits, vegetables, nuts and whole grains. These foods also help in avoiding constipation.

3. Make them drink water at appropriate times

Another way to improve kids’ gut health is to keep them hydrated, so make sure to make them drink water regularly. Water helps in efficient digestion and body cleansing by eliminating food wastes.

As parents, it is important that we develop a habit of drinking water among our kids. Other than water, natural fruit juice is also good in supporting their gut health.

4. Avoid fast or processed foods

We all know that processed food and fast food are generally unhealthy. Processed food include chemicals and low-quality nutrients that may cause harm to our microbiome.

As the same time, fast foods are filled with unhealthy fats. These foods may lead to problems with digestive system, especially among kids. It may also prevent the gut health from developing.

5. Engage the kids in physical activities

A simple runaround the yard, the park or interaction with other kids, or even family pets are proven to make kids happy and known to bring health benefits to them as well. More than the fact that it develops your kids physical condition and social interaction, it also brings good to your kids gut health.

These activities expose your kids to bacteria, both good and bad. As a result, the good bacteria in their bodies are promoted, at the same time, exposure to bad bacteria may increase their immunity to it. Moreover, when kids are happy, their release of endorphins increases and it helps them relieve their stress.

6. Watch the amount of food they eat

You might find it tempting to feed your kids a lot especially when you see them enjoying their food that much. But you should remember that no matter how healthy a food is, too much of it is still not good. Considering the right amount of food for your kids may be tricky as it varies among kids.

So the best thing to do is to watch the diet of your kids carefully. Overfeeding your kids may a collapse in their digestive system as it may not be able to handle the amount of food intake.

7. Be cautious in using antibiotics and unnecessary medications

From time to time, your kids might need antibiotics and other medications for the treatment of common kids’ illnesses and infections. But it is still best to be careful in using these drugs. Overusing antibiotics and unnecessary medications may kill the good bacteria inside our bodies.

They may also cause damage to the microbiome. So make sure to give your kids antibiotics and other medicines only with prescription. Feeding your kids with foods with good bacteria afterwards may also be a big help.


As kids are still in the process of developing their gut health, it is necessary not to overlook things that may cause for their condition to be disrupted. Instill a healthy habit while they are still young, and with appropriate guidance, they will surely be able to lead a healthy lifestyle.