The Best Supplements to Restore Your Gut Health


Gut health plays an important role in keeping your health optimized and working at its best. If you’ve struggled with poor gut health, here are the best supplements to restore your gut health.

The billions or even trillions of living organisms or microbes that live in our body is an important unit which ensures our gut in proper function as they prevent any food sensitivities, inflammation, eczema, and other digestion-related issues.

The food we eat sure is enough to reboot our gut, but sometimes in order to improve more of its functions, we need something special – something like the best gut-healing supplements that suit certain conditions and needs.

In this article, let’s tackle the different types of supplements that could effectively support gut health.

1. Probiotic supplements

 One of the most common and most effective ways to boost our gut health is by taking probiotic supplements. Countless research and studies have concluded that probiotics play a vital role in keeping the good bacteria in our gut healthy and well-functioning and therefore improves the digestive function. There are several strains of probiotics which offer several health benefits.

For example, the lactobacillus acidophilus could support a healthy balance of good and bad bacteria and improves immune function. Choosing the best probiotic supplements must be manufactured with a trusted company, high CFU (colony forming units) counts, and higher chances of survivability.

2. L-Glutamine

The anti-inflammatory properties of an essential amino acid, L-Glutamine (L-alanyl-L-glutamine) is known for its cell-repairing characteristics especially in the intestine. These type of supplements can be beneficial for those who have the leaky gut syndrome and other digestive problems.

3. Collagen Powder

We all know that the bone broth’s main secret on keeping the gut healthy is the compound called collagen. This ingredient is commonly found on the bones which once cooked, it will become gelatin. Collagen powder is a great way to restore the health of the mucosal lining as well as boosting the gastric juice in our stomach.

4. Fish oils

According to research, fish oils contain healthy fats called omega-3 which are known to promote and optimal brain development especially during childbirth. It has also been found to have a good relationship between the microbiomes in our body as it nourishes them and eliminates the harmful ones.

5. Magnesium

Magnesium is a vital compound that is needed to function the huge numbers of enzymes in the gut. Try to consume at least 320 mg – 420 mg of magnesium every day in order to maximize the nutrients absorption in the body.

6. Vitamin D

Leaky gut can be due to lack of vitamin d in the body according to study, which is why taking vitamin d supplements could be your key player in keeping the intestinal lining’s tight junctions and reducing the risks of the leaky gut syndrome as well.

7. Quercetin

Commonly found in some plant foods, the quercetin can be helpful in stimulating the production of proteins in the gastrointestinal tract which plays a role in both sealing and healing the gut lining – or simply helps in repairing leaky gut. All thanks to its powerful anti-inflammatory and autoimmune properties.


Having an extra care when it comes to our gut health is very important as Hippocrates stated that every disease always starts in the gut. These supplements can only be effective if combined with proper nutrition, healthy eating habits, and healthy lifestyle – so, starts paying attention to the foods you eat today.

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