Best Probiotics for Men: Guys Get Their Gut Health in Check


Hey guys, if you need to step up your gut health game, you need to know about the best probiotics for men. While diet change is important, probiotic supplements can be a great boost for your health.

In case you haven’t heard, gut health is important for everyone. For guys, its important to have good balance in your digestive system. The best way to achieve that is through the combination of diet and probiotic supplements.

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The use of probiotic supplements has become more and more popular with parents for their kids, adults, and even gym-goers – and that’s for good reasons.

In this article, let’s dig deeper and discover the best probiotics for men and how does they affect overall health.

Let’s get started.

Know before you go: What is probiotic?

When people talk about bacteria people think about those nasty little organisms that linger on our bodies which causes different illnesses – but actually, there are billions and even trillions of living microorganisms in our body and plays a significant role in our digestive process. These are called “gut flora” or commonly known as “good” bacteria.

These good guys are located in our both small and large intestines. Lack of these beneficial microbes is linked to digestive problems and other health issues, the good thing is, you can naturally boost and replenish them by eating natural probiotic-rich foods such as yogurt as well as probiotic supplements.

What does it do?

The main role of probiotic is to ensure that our digestive process runs smoothly by maintaining the healthy gut called “microbiota”. Countless researchers have been shown that probiotics have beneficial results in eliminating any symptoms of digestive issues including IBS or Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Although they often demolish harmful bacteria, antibiotic induction can also kill good bacteria as well.

Many users have been reported to experience better oral health, urinary tract health, improved skin conditions, and a normalized blood pressure.

Why men need probiotics?

In reality, men generally have worse health compared to women due to several contributing factors such as riskier behavior, infrequent involvement in exercise and other activities, higher stress, and poorer diet. According to a statistical study, men are more prone to heart disease and cancer (most commonly prostate cancer) often than women.

This unique health concerns for men emphasize the importance of prostate health. With proper diet and regular exercise, and proper supplements like probiotics specially designed for men can absolutely boost your general health. Below are some of the benefits of probiotic supplementation among men.

  • Probiotic can aid in inflammatory bowel disease and other digestive issues

Certain types of probiotics (more on that later) can be beneficial for those who are suffering from IBS as it helps in remission of ulcerative colitis and preventing the relapse of Crohn’s disease.

  • Probiotic supports better heart health

One of the major concern for men across the world is cardiovascular health. Men’s diet and hobbies can be a contributing factor of an increased risk of cardiovascular issues, these include excessive drinking and smoking. However, taking some probiotics supplements can have to keep your heart at its best even as you grow older.

  • Probiotic balances hormone levels

Our endocrine system and gut are responsible for the production and regulation of hormones in our body. The love hormone called oxytocin and testosterone is the key to maintaining health libido, better sexual performance, and supporting overall health as well. All of this benefits can only be achieved if the gut microbiome mount is health and balance.

Probiotic supplements are necessary in order to keep that balance and to ensure that our general health is well-functioning.

  • Probiotic supports lung health

Another health concern among men commonly in the western world is the several mild to serious respiratory conditions. The use of antibiotics and steroids can be a factor in these conditions as they come with underlying side effects. The good thing is, using probiotics supplements can rebalance the gut microbiomes and can have an inevitable positive effect on your immunity.

In addition, it also helps in supporting your mucosal immune system specifically on your nose, ear, throat, and lungs – thus, reducing the risks of respiratory issues.

What are the most common types of probiotics for men to choose from?

There are several types or strains of probiotic that you can use in choosing the well-suited and best probiotics for men.

  • Lactobacillus

The most common type of probiotics found in fermented foods that can support better digestion, gas treats, detoxification, and immune health.

  • Bifidobacterium

They are known to support the immune system and in the process of breaking down lactose while limiting the growth of any harmful bacteria.

  • Bacillus

It helps in the lactose digestion and aid in vaginal health for women as well as a relief for occasional constipation.=

  • Streptococcus

This type is commonly aides and supports oral health for healthier gums and teeth.

Know before you buy: Things to consider before purchasing probiotics supplements for men

We all know that using probiotic supplements offers tantamount numbers of health benefits, now it’s time to for the hard decision – how to choose the best probiotics for men?

Here are some few things you should take note of.

  • Coating

Opt for the ones that have been coated with acid-resistant capsules for reducing any chance of stomach upset while taking the supplement.

  • Storage life

Always make sure that the probiotic supplement’s expiration date is not close. This could be an important factor in keeping its effectiveness and safety.

  • Refrigeration

Most products offer refrigeration as it slows the growth of billions of living organisms and extends the supplement life as well.

  • Proper labels

Always read the labels and directions before using the probiotic supplements in order to know the different ingredients or compounds used.

  • Probiotics and other ingredients

Make sure that the products don’t contain unnecessary fillers or additional ingredients. Keep in mind that having extra compounds doesn’t mean it will increase the effectiveness of the probiotic supplements.


Probiotic supplementation combined with proper nutrition and diet, and regular exercise can boost its effectiveness and in giving you the best results whether for optimizing healthy digestion, better hormone balances, lung health, improved cardiovascular functions, and so on.

Remember that when choosing the right probiotics that are specially designed for men is your first step on your path to a healthy lifestyle.



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