Best Probiotic Food For Women


For starters, probiotics are live microorganisms that naturally live in the body. They are substances that stimulate the growth of good bacteria that contributes to keeping the balance of intestinal health.

Keeping a healthy number of good bacteria in the body may bring a wide spectrum of health benefits. In this article, we will focus on the best probiotic food for women and their benefits to a woman’s health.

Probiotic Food For Women


If you’ll ask a woman who loves yogurt why she loves the food, she will most likely say it is because of its unique sour and creamy taste. Yogurt is fermented milk that contains a lot of good bacteria. It is a good choice of snack for people who wants to lose weight or maintain a healthy gut.

Yogurt is one of the most popular fermented dairy products that is loaded with lactobacillus probiotics. However, not all yogurts have probiotics, so make sure to inspect the label first or visit the website of the company for transparency. Look for basic cultures or probiotics like Streptococcus thermophiles, Lactobacillus Bulgaricus, and among others.

Eating this probiotic food can help women to improve their bone health, regulate blood pressure, lose weight, and more. It is also suitable for individuals with lactose intolerance because the good bacteria present in yogurt can turn some lactose into lactic acid.


If you prefer drinking your dairy, go for kefir. It is a fermented milk drink made of cow or goat milk along with kefir grains. Unlike how it looks, kefir grains are actually not cereal grains. In fact, they are cultures of yeast and lactic acid bacteria that looks like cauliflower.

Kefir is associated with a wide array of health benefits. It includes improving bone health, protects against infections, helps with particular digestive problems, and more. Yogurt might have better popularity in Western countries, but kefir is known to be a better source of probiotics. It is also well-tolerated by individuals with lactose intolerance.

Pickled Cabbage: Sauerkraut and Kimchi

Fermented Vegetables or sauerkraut also makes good probiotic food for women. Sauerkraut is a shredded cabbage fermented by lactic acid bacteria, which is a popular fermented food in several countries including Europe. It is also one of the oldest traditional foods in which today, used as a side dish or sausage toppings. It has a unique salty and sour taste that can last for months inside an airtight container.

Sauerkraut is loaded with fiber and Vitamins like B, K, and C. Another reason why this probiotic food is best for women is that it also has antioxidants like zeaxanthin and lutein. These are beneficial for the health of the eyes.

If you love spicy foods, Kimchi is not just best for quenching your cravings but it also contains a lot of probiotics that are good for your health. It is the most popular staple food in Korea which taste sour and spicy, and sometimes with a sweet aftertaste.

Fermented Cheese

Not all fermented cheese has probiotics, but some types are loaded with it. For this reason, it is important to read the product label before buying and go for cheeses like cheddar, Gouda, cottage cheese, and mozzarella.

It is known that cheese is highly nutritious food which is also a good source of protein. It also provides important vitamins and minerals like vitamin B12, calcium, selenium, and phosphorus. Women that moderately consume dairy products like cheese can lower health risks like osteoporosis and heart disease.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar has a lot of proven benefits for the human body. It includes the fact that it contains probiotics that help to maintain gut health. You can use it by diluting it in water or pour the right amount to your salad dressing.


If you love soybean products, Natto might not be new for you. It is made by fermenting soybeans that have a slimy texture, distinctive smell, and strong flavor. Natto is a staple Japanese food that is most commonly served for breakfast by mixing it with rice. This probiotic food is also loaded with Vitamin K2 and protein, these are important for cardiovascular and bone health.

Start Eating Probiotic Foods Today

To sum it up, probiotic foods have the benefits that every woman needs. Add the healthy foods like Yogurt, Kefir, Sauerkraut, Kimchi, Fermented Cheese, Apple Cider Vinegar, and Natto on your diet and you will see the good they will bring. Other than these yummy foods, there are other sources of probiotics that you might also like.

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