7 Tips on Rebuilding Gut Flora for Better Gut Health


There are trillions of bacteria inside our bodies, you can most of these bacteria in your digestive system. These bacteria are called gut flora, also known as the gut microbiota, and they are considered essential in our health.

But not all of these bacteria are good for your body, there are some that can also give you the risk of some diseases. The food you consume in your diet greatly affects the health of your gut and the gut flora living in your digestive system. Here are helpful tips to help you rebuild gut flora and maintain better gut health.

1. Go for a morning jog

Base on the recent studies and researches, aerobic activities has the capabilities to increase the diversity of gut flora in your body. That basically means that a morning jog around your neighborhood can help your gut flora to get back in track.

Experts even believe that sustaining a good shape for your body with good physical activities will allow your body to further absorb fatty acids like the butyrate which is a chain of few fatty acids often related to a healthy gut.

2. Eat foods with probiotics

We all know that probiotics are the good bacteria, these good bacteria can help to sustain and maintain the balance the microbes in your body that keeps on slowing you down. Avoid taking in antibiotics as much as possible because this will wipe out bacteria in your system including the existing probiotics in your body.

Probiotics can be obtained in consuming fermented foods, when you eat these foods the probiotics will stay at your digestive system and will regulate the good health of your gut.

If you want to eat foods with a good amount of probiotics to rebuild your gut flora, you can try eating yogurt, tempeh, water kefir, kimchi, and sauerkraut. These are all fermented foods can help the gut flora in your digestive system in optimizing their healthy functions.

3. Get yourself in a green diet

Green diet means having a vegetable-based diet. It is believed that eating vegetables consistently will boost and promote the function and production of microbiota in your gut which means it was better for your health. Consuming vegetables eliminate most of the harmful bacteria that live in your body especially in your gut.

Vegetables are very essential for good bacteria living in our body while they are considerably helpful too in eradicating those bad bacteria. Vegetables help in repopulating your digestive system with gut flora. That is why there is no reason for us to abandon a vegetable-based diet right?

4. Eat foods that are rich with polyphenols

Polyphenol is an organic compound that is very helpful in providing different health benefits. Eating foods that contain polyphenol in good dosage is very beneficial in rebuilding gut flora in your digestive system because polyphenols are not easily digested by our cells, wherein, they usually get their way in your colon and getting absorbed by good bacteria such as microbiota or gut flora. Polyphenols are also good at keeping your heart healthy.

5. Cut the use of antibiotics as much as possible

Antibiotics terminate both harmful bacteria and good bacteria such as gut flora in our body. Avoiding unnecessary intake of antibiotic will help you to maintain gut flora in your body, the microbiota populace in your body will also be able to rebuild efficiently with the absence of antibiotics.

6. Terminate sugar in your diet

Cultivated carbohydrates, processed goods, and even sugar are easily absorbed by your digestive system without letting the gut floras do the job. Absence of nutrients that was supposedly absorbed by your microbiotas will make them consume the cell layers in your intestine that will gradually lead to a condition known as “Leaky Gut”.

This means that sugars should be lessened at least if you cannot remove it from your diet.

7. Keep yourself relax and avoid stress

A standout amongst the most significant components to recuperating your gut is your very own consciousness. Your gut is your second mind. In the event that your microbiome is out of equalization, you may feel on edge, discouraged, or tired.

You may likewise experience the ill effects of memory issues or cerebrum haze. Notwithstanding eating the correct nourishment, attempt to get into a thoughtful state before eating. Do this by expelling all stressors, including upsetting individuals and discussions.


Taking care of your gut flora is like the simplest way of keeping the health of your gut better.

Gut flora is the good bacteria that keeps your digestive system harmless, keeping them alive and helping them repopulate in your system is really a real deal for your overall health not just for your gut health.

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