5 Gut health Facts You Need to Know to Feel Better


You might probably hear about the buzz roaming around about the importance of gut health in our overall health and well-being. This fact can be backed by the existence of good bacteria or microorganisms in our body especially that one who is inhabiting our gut also known as the gut microbiome – grossed out yet?

Don’t be because in this article, let’s explore the different facts from interesting to fascinating matters about our gut health.

Fact #1: Our gut microbiome can reflect our immune system’s strength

Bacteria in our gut has the ability to “crosstalk” and sends signals to our intestine which cause our body to make adjustments that will be based on the condition of the microbiome. Our immune system can down or up-regulate certain factors to meet the changes in the gut bacteria which has been found as the key to keeping an optimized health.

Fact #2: These beneficial bacteria can have significant effect on our overall health

Countless research and studies proved that gut health really is the key to our core well-being. This is because poor microbe health in our gut can influence the development of several health issues like infectious colitis or IBS (Inflammatory bowel disease). Gut bacteria really plays an important role in determining both physical and mental conditions that could develop such as anxiety, depression, obesity, and even cancer.

For example, according to one study conducted on mice subjects, introducing and transferring healthy microbes to a lean variable has appeared to maintain its lean condition, while the mice that received obese microbes is shown to gain excess weight.

Fact #3: These beneficial gut microbiomes can make any changes to let our body react and adapt

The food we eat, dangerous materials such as fungi, parasites, viruses, and bacteria has been accumulated in our gut and interacts with our intestine linings. The main role of immune cells is to gather and investigate the bacteria from the gut and constantly eliminate the bad ones. Having a balanced number of good and bad bacteria as well as having a harmony in our body’s microbial community is significant on our different bodily functions and health.

Fact #4: Our gut microbiomes can be normal or deviated and can affect our health

Each gut microbiomes has their own characteristics like a fingerprint, depending on our eating habits and health regimen. It has been shown that certain exposures can gradually change the gut bacteria. The good thing is, there are several ways to “reboot” our gut health – for example, normal diet and a healthy lifestyle can help the gut microbiomes to recover back to its normal condition.

Fact #5: Sure that our body is the home of trillions of microorganisms but this fact should put an importance on our gut health

Aforementioned, different illnesses or diseases from both physical and mental always start in our gut which is why we need to bolster its health. Eating nutritious foods that are rich in beneficial bacteria such as fermented vegetables, bone broth, banana, pineapple, yogurt, grass-fed meat, apple cider vinegar, ginger, probiotic supplements, and so on could definitely boost your gut health up.


Several lifestyles and health factors could have a negative impact on our gut microbiomes – unhealthy diet, too much stress, and illness are primarily linked to poor health which clearly starts in the gut. So, aim to eat a well-balanced diet, proper nutrition, and observe a good food hygiene to keep a healthy balance.

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