Helping you feel better by being mindful of your gut health.

Why We Created this Site

Gut Health Lab was started as a labor of love. It's mission is to help people learn about how important their digestive health is to their overall health and happiness

We set out to educate, inform and entertain anyone who wants to learn more about the good bacteria in their digestive tract and how they can use it to feel better both mentally and physically.

We write about the the best probiotics, prebiotics, kefir, digestive supplements and anything else that helps you balance your body and feel better. Come on in and enjoy!

About Jess Loudre

Hi I'm Jess. I love good bacteria and learning more about gut health. I'm also a softy for shelter dogs, a compulsive reader and a serial texter. Look for me either hunched over a book, my phone or looking for another dog to adopt. . .

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